Most agents that have been around for a while set their inspection periods anywhere from 7-14 days. Anything short of this and you may not complete all of your inspections within the alloted time. You have to give the home inspector and termite inspector time to complete all necessary inspections. You also will want time in case the home inspector finds something major wrong with the property. Let's say the home inspector conducts an inspection and the air condition unit was not functioning at the time of inspection. He recommends a licensed HVAC contractor inspect the unit. So, now you have to make calls to an HVAC repair company to try and schedule them to come and inspect the HVAC unit within that inspection period. If it took the agent 5 days to get the home inspector to inspect the house it is going to be almost impossible to get an HVAC repair company to test the unit.

The inspection period is such an important time for buyers and their agent. It is the only time before closing that the buyer can discover latent or major defects with the structure, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. It is also the perfect time to discover if the property has termites, dangerous radon gas or mold issues. A good home inspector can discover all of these issues but you will want to hire a termite inspector because most lenders will require a "clear termite letter" in order to issue the loan. Make sure you give yourself adequate time to conduct all necessary inspections. Your buyer will appreciate it.

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